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Hey all I just signed up and wanted to say Hi. and ask a few questions. No I hope these wont be silly Newbie questions. I was on the PMGNOTES registry page where i can go and add notes and I have this note a Fr # 1225c and no matter what I do I cannot list it. Even though its a valid PMG graded note. I understand its a rare note and it might not "have anyone to comete with" but it would be nice to add it to the page anyway. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do when a note will not go through ( I contacted PMG and waiting to see what they say.



Also I havent really fooled around much with the new pages but I noticed theres no way to add raw notes to the collection ( since i cant afford to submit everything I want.) Is there also another site that i can post to that will allow me to post all graded and even some ungraded notes? PCGS doesnt allow ungraded notes or outside graded notes to be listed.



thanks again I hope to be here for a long time.



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hi there jay and welcome to the boards!! (thumbs u


a great place with many friendly collectors...............


if you do a google search you will come up with some great coin websites


check out and see their coin commentaries and road reports they are a great read and also a good bunch of guys!!

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Welcome Jay.

Coin guy here, but I do like looking at the older notes, a lot of "works of art!"



Im a small coin guy a few MS61+ gold pieces from 2.50s to 10.00 coins. some out of the richmond colleciton. and a binder of silver coins and a few other odds and ends.



i hope to meet many good people to share in my good finds when i have something good. Im just waiting on my new finds from this week. should be in my hands this coming week

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Welcome Jay! Very nice notes posted in the other thread. I am still fairly new to paper money, and I've yet to learn the ins and outs of "mule" notes, so any info you could share would be extremely helpful and appreciated!

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Im still working on learning about Large Size Note Mules. and the new age mules of our time but whatever I can share to help out Ill be more than happy to do.


The traditional mules ive come to know are the plate change during the 1928 -34 series from micro to macro. those are the ones I follow mostly I think $1 35a Silver certs, $2 28C 28D are included $5 34 , 34A Green seals, included 28D and E series $5 red seals. and for $10s and $20s and up its 34 and 34A .


The newerage ones that I am starting to follow are the 1981 Muled notes BA block . where the face plate is a low number like my example is G34 on the face side and on the back is a back plate continuing from the 77A series. 2802. before the back plate was reset to 1. ( I have a 81 BB block that shows this reset.


Also another Muled new age note is the 93 series. I have a DB block with a back press plate of 370 . and a DC block that has a press plate of 1. So some point in the DC block the back plate reset. ( I assume this would make it a muled note the DB and prior notes. ) Im still learning about it so if anyone here has an info feel free to share it.



For as the LSN(large sized notes) and their mules i dont have the foggiest idea but I wish to learn more about that

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