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Preview Launch of the PMG Notes Registry

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We are nearing launch of the PMG Notes Registry. The full suite of features, and dozens more competitive set categories will be available shortly. A preview version is now live on the Collectors Society website. So starting now, you can create sets in existing Competitive categories and design your own custom Signature Sets.


Any sets, notes, pictures, and descriptions that you add during the preview period will be retained, so you can start to work on your Sets in earnest. You are also welcome to send us any comments or suggestions that you have for improvements and future enhancements.


The Registry is an online tool that enables you to display your collection alongside others. You can compete for awards, gain recognition, and, best of all, share your passion for collecting. Only PMG certified notes are eligible for the PMG Notes Registry.


Each note added to a competitive set receives a score. The PMG Notes Registry uses a scoring algorithm that accounts for the rarity, desirability, grade, and value of each note, and then “smoothes the curve” to enhance the competitive opportunity. Rare notes in Type Sets do receive significant score bonuses over more common issues, so you’re rewarded for your star notes and scarce signature combinations. EPQ designated notes also receive score bonuses, and comprehensive scoring tables can be viewed for every note.


Check it out! The PMG Notes Registry


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I think there is something wrong with the 1918 $1 notes in the Large size $1 type set. I put in my note (55 EPQ Tehee/Burke/Hendricks/Strong) and I got 0 points, but in the points chart it seems like it should be worth 776 points? Also on the common series 1899 $1 silver certs, the score in 63 EPQ is higher than the score for 64 EPQ (1193 vs. 1156) which doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. I also looked at the score table for the $5 FRN, and the descriptions of the notes are somewhat confusing, there were I think 16 different notes under the Burke/Glass signature combination, and for the life of me, I can't figure out which one matches the one I have! Just a few things to look at.


Also under the signature sets, I think you need to broaden the options. I wanted to set up a large size denomination type set, and couldn't figure out where to put it, so it ended up under obsolete notes, even though there are no obsolete bank notes in the set!

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