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i had a question asked to me about what the different colors stood for if anything.and i didnt know so i figure ill ask and find out so in the future i can help out.


red,lime green,dark green,gold............ do the colors have a signifigance to them? i know brown is hawaii. also what do the numbers and letters mean?

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In general, here are some loose rules:


Seal Color:


Green (any shade): Federal Reserve Note

Brown: Hawaii silver certs, 1929 National Bank Notes (FRBNs)

Blue: Silver Certificates (though seals on early large size FRNs were also blue)

Red: Most common on legal tenders (United States Notes) though they also appeared on large size FRNs, Silver Certificates, Treasury Notes.

Gold: Mostly gold certificates, also on North Africa silver certificates.


The numbers and letters (at least the first letters in serial numbers) correspond to the Federal Reserve Bank branch that issued the note (on modern notes). The numbers/letters are as follows:


1-A Boston

2-B New York

3-C Philadelphia

4-D Cleveland

5-E Richmond

6-F Atlanta

7-G Chicago

8-H St. Louis

9-I Minneapolis

10-J Kansas City

11-K Dallas

12-L San Francisco


On denominations larger than $2, the serial number begins with a 2-letter sequence, the second letter corresponds to the FRB of issue, while the first letter corresponds to the series:










And although I haven't seen one, I suppose the series 2006 notes would correspond to H. Hope this helps!

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