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What are these worth?

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The $20 Hawaiian, the $10 1929 and the three, consecutive $5 Silver Certificates have been in my family for about 50 years. The 1917 Russian 250 Rubles was a freebie from NGC at the 2006 FUN. Since I'm not really into paper money, I'm thinking about selling them but I need to know what their value might be.













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I am not very good with small size notes, but I looked on eBay and the $20 Hawaii might be in the $50 to $150 range (and I would say towards the upper end). I don't think the $10 FRBN is worth a whole lot over face, but I did not check if it's a rare variety or anything. The $5 notes look funky to me, like the paper has a weird texture or something. I have no clue on the Russian, but if you got it free, it's at least worth what you paid for it! Hopefully some small size experts will chime in.

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I don't know why the 5's look like that in the photos. They don't in hand. I had to place them on a little curio stand so that they would be at an angle to keep the plastic holder from reflecting the light directly back to the camera. Do you think it may have something to do with the opacity of the paper and the reverse design? (shrug)



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The current greensheet on these notes is

$24 for the san fran $10

$65 on the Hawaiin twenty

$16.25 on each of the $5 silver notes

and I dont have my pick reference here so I cant tell on the Russian.

The $5 notes have a wavy look probably due to paper texture. Many notes prior to the 60's have it from the mint. Many notes on the market have been pressed to remove this feature. You should be able to get close to those numbers if you sold them although the fed reserve national might be a little tough to get over 18-20 due to the grade and the fact that the next grades up are not much of a value jump.

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