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  1. Thanks again Fenntucky Mike, Looking at it with a magnifying glass and a loupe, it really looks like the stamp is below the torch. The fine white gaps have black ink in them. If I sent this in for grading would PMG verify this?
  2. Went through some of my circulated bills and found this $10 with a rubber stamp, that is printed over. The torch prints over the rubber stamping. Sorry not able to load the full bill. 1.) Anyway, is this an "obstructed printing error" alone or is this "obstructed printing error with retaining obstruction"? The obstruction being the stamping of the rubber stamp, not the actual rubber stamp device? 2.) How do I find or get the Friedberg or Pick number? 3.) The bill has no tares, but has several creases, would this bill be one of $300 or less, or a greater value?
  3. Thank You, But I can't resize because photo shop won't let me open the picture, to even do that. It's JPG, I'm going to try just the error, with questions.
  4. I tried to crop my note in my photo shop program, and my photo shop program won't allow me to open pictures of the full currency. And so then I tried loading the un edited photo here, and it's too large. And when I tried to load a reduced size picture of the error itself, this program said "There was a problem loading the file" Any suggested solutions?