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  1. Thanks Mike for your reply & information about the notes and I'll follow your advice on researching completed sales of similar. The "DGS Mule" information I appreciate most, it was bugging me what that meant. Hopefully not too soon the 6 notes are for my 2 nephews, I jokingly told their mom (my sister) I hope they don't spend it on junk cars or in bars. lol. Thanks again.
  2. Hi. I'm just an old guy with 6 notes I submitted to PMG for their professional grading service, and have a few questions about the grading information description. If the Seal Type: Green -does this mean "light green" that I've noticed listed in the descriptions of some on auction? And one I submitted is Seal Type: DGS Mule -what does this mean? Concerning the 1934 series of $500 & $1000 how many seal types are there? Of my 6 submissions a $1000 St. Louis DGS Mule is the most intriguing, and I'm curious as to how special(?) -or not, this note might be. It's PMG cert. 2188142-004 grade 35. My sincere thanks to a kind, knowledgeable soul who might be able to answer my questions. Thank you.