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  1. Greetings all, could anyone please tell me what I can do to correct an error made by PMG describing a note. I have a Philippine 2008 20 Piso signed Arroyo - Tetangco Specimen note with no overprint. This note is unlisted in pick (25th Edition), PMG described it as p182s1, an undated note, signed by Ramos - Singson (this has a black Overprint)/ What should I do?
  2. Hi Fenntucky Mike, thanks for your reply. There are 12 slots in the set for the 6 notes in the two sets labeled S1 and S2, there should be another 6 slots for the CS1 set. I'm currently having the 12 notes of sets S1 and S2 Graded. Somebody has already had the CS1 set graded and has listed the notes in the S1 slots (as there are no CS1 slots). Those other Commemorative notes you mention are different, the CS1 set that needs adding is the Franklin Mint Collect Set with the Maltese Cross Prefix. (You know the ones I mean) Cheers... Chris
  3. At the PMG Note Registry there is a Philippine Set called... "Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas, 1978(ND) Issues, Complete Specimen", It says "Complete" but it only has slots for the S1 and S2 sets, but not the CS1 set (not so complete). This is strange as all three sets are shown in the Note Scores. This really put me in a spot, I have the three sets, so I only sent two for grading, it was so hard choosing which set I wasn't going to list. (I was going to say some rubbish about it being harder than choosing one of my kids for something, but then I remembered I only had one kid). Anyway, how can I ask PMG to include the extra set?
  4. I guess the title says it all. I can't find anywhere that says one way or another about Signature sets being considered. I would think a "Signature Set" would be the best set to judge, as it shows the collectors passion. Can someone please let me know.
  5. The Philippine issue of the late 1980's has what seems to be the rarest of all modern issues. The 100 Piso Replacement note p172b* is so rare it has also been given an extra listing, p172cr, to stress its rarity. Until recently I thought I had located and purchased the only known copy about 25 years ago, but a week ago a friend let me know he has one. By the looks of his serial number, I dare say there might be only one sheet that was mixed by mistake with a later signature combination. If you have, or have seen one of these replacements, please let it be known. I have asked about the Replacement note for p172b, but not the p172b note, as I don't think there is one. When I discovered this note the Guys a Krause didn't believe I had this Replacement note. When I showed them the note, they listed it as p172cr, AND also listed the "normal" note as p172b (Even though nobody had ever seen one) So, if you have either banknote, please let me know.
  6. Hi everybody, just received a grading for a note which read, VF 25 NET what is the "Net"? Have I been Caught? I checked the glossary, but zilch. Can someone inform this dumb Aussie please. ...Chris
  7. About 15 odd years ago I noticed my new 9th edition Krause Catalogue (Real Book) was missing a banknote, the Aquino - Fernandez ₱100 with a RED serial number (p172?). I contacted Krause, told them I had an Aquino - Fernandez starnote with RED serials. They said I couldn't have one as it couldn't exist, because the numbering didn't allow it, when I sent them a photo they at last admitted the note must of been a mistake, (Made by the Bangko Sentral) Many years passed and I didn't worry about this note, but recently I have taken an interest again. So I downloaded the latest (25th Edition) Krause, when I saw the listing ....172b. Signature 11. Red serial #.......WOW!, that was my note and it was listed at $35, while the other p172's were $12 and under. I was happy, listed and heaps more than the others! Then the other night I was looking at Krause, when I noticed the very last line of the p172 descriptions..... .. cr. Replacement note. Sign. as a. Red serial #. Rare. — — DOUBLE WOW! My humble Starnote was now the only Philippine replacement note ever listed in Krause, and the only Philippine banknote to have the word "Rare" in it's description. Other much older notes have the word Rare in the Value Columns, but not in their description. As well as that note, I'm also very happy to have another 17 notes (1997-2010) not listed in the latest Krause, all in UNC condition. Now I want to have these graded, and I don't know how to value them so I can pay. Do I put them in for what I paid for them? Or what a "Rare" note might be worth, whatever that is. Can someone let me know how to price such notes......I'm So Confused! ...Chris