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  1. Dear members, Came across this Hyderabad 60 Hali Sicca Note a couple of days back. Bought it from a Dealer. Apparently, this note has been issued by "The Hyderabad Philatelic & Hobbies Society" to celebrate their Diamond Jubilee. It is dated 2022. It came along with a Folder (with Serial Number matching the Note), and the note is quite exquisite in both appearance and feel. The Print run has been limited to just 5000 pieces (which explains why just a 4 digit serial number), and the Watermark is faintly printed Charminar (a historical building synonymous with the city of Hyderabad). Upon asking the Dealer as to why this anomaly of Watermark being printed, he commented that the low print run didn't give the Issuing Authority the liberty to get both the watermark and Security Thread integrated into the Note (how we find with regular banknotes). Hence, they went ahead with a faintly printed watermark. But to ensure that a semblance of Security is maintained, they embossed the Watermark with the same Charminar image. Thinking of which, it reminded me of the Iraqi Emergency Issues of Saddam Hussain period where a faintly printed Eagle's / Horse's head adorned the notes. And the embossing reminded me of the French Assignat notes of the 18th Century. So, I was impressed with the thought process of trying to issue a Note with as much Security Features with their limited resources. But there are some more Security features too. The Hyderabad name on the Obverse side too is embossed and there is a printed Matt Silver Security Thread (with HPHS printed within) onto the Reverse side. Being a collector of Indian Banknotes, I definitely was compelled to buy this well made banknote with a lot of interesting imagery of the erstwhile Hyderabad Princely State on the Obverse side, with the Reverse side showing the current day Hyderabad city. And too top it all, it came in a well made Folder. So, overall I am happy. Thought of sharing it with the Community here. Hope you'll find it interesting too. Regards, Shabz
  2. Dear all, With respect to my above query, I have also attached 2 images that I got from my Internet searches. Both these images are of Nigeria 20 Naira 2014 P-34j. One image is of BG Prefix; another one is of CE Prefix. Both these notes have the Signature as per P-34j (Governor Godwin)....... However, the image of the note attached by me in my earlier post with Prefix BP has the Signature of Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Hope this helps you'll to help me solve my query regarding the Pick Number of my note in question. Regards, Shabbir Khambaty
  3. Hello everyone, I came across a note of Nigeria 20 Naira 2014 for which I couldn't find a Pick Number in Standard Catalog. Standard Catalog shows Pick Number for Nigeria 20 Naira 2014 as 34j; however, the Signature in the 2014 issue as per Standard Catalog doesn't match with the Signature combination that I came across. I have attached the image of my note for reference. So, if someone could throw further light on this issue, I'd be grateful. Thanks & Regards, Shabbir Khambaty