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  1. That is what i think as well i know that at one time they were talkimg about making a bill with her on it for some type of tribute to her or something like that but from what i read they didn't and that is why i think it is a misprint and hoping it is a one off !!
  2. Hello how's it going ? So the reason why I started this topic is because I have a $20 bill that's I have never ever seen before I had asked around to several people that I know they have some type of knowledge about currency and notes for that matter and they also stated to me that they never have seen this bill or a bill like this so this is the reason why I joined this site and got on because I really need some help finding out if this is a misprints that is been circulating out there for a while and if there's other misprints like this or if there is a chance this is a one-off misprint and the first-of-its-kind it is truly a real bill I have received it from my bank I checked it to make sure it was real and it is real it's an authentic $20 bill is just that it has other faces on it that kind of construed the face of Jackson and it also has faded face prints on the sides of the Bill so with that being said Can someone please help me on identifying this bill and let me know if this bill is a one-off or there's others like it I would greatly appreciate the help and hope to hear back from you soon thank you