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  1. You have no idea how excited I was when I lifted the 80 dollar note to the light. I didnt expect much I was just checking it out and figured it to be too old to have anything but the leaf on the back as a sort of watermark. When I raised it to the light I was surprised, excited and delighted to see it shone through the words "united states" So cool
  2. I dont know what it means for the bill,but the rhode island 5 dollar bill is serial number 427. And the number is written in oen. Sweet Not that I know that to be particularly rare. I just think its cool
  3. Thanks! I just recieved a bunch of them in the mail today. As you can see I used screen shots. I'm really excited I won the martha bill at auction. Its beat sure but the crisp ones are far too expensive for me. I'm also hoping to win a 1869 rainbow note I'm bidding on. It too is very beat up but also nice.
  4. I'll add more photos eventually but this is what I have for photos for now.
  5. Hi there everyone. I'm new to bill collecting, and I oroginally got into collecting silver bullion for investing purposes when I was about 18 years old in 2015. Starting about a week or two ago I learned about united states large notes. So I purchased a 1917 red seal large $1. Then a regular 1922 large silver cert. Then I got a little crazy. I feel like I have gotten some reeealllly awesome deals. I've spent way too much in the last week, between 700 and 1000 though I'm sure many of you have Bill's worth more than that. I was very lucky, I feel like I got some extremely good deals on some of the notes. I got an $80 continental congress note from 1779 A $50 from the 1770s aswell, and the printers of both, hall and sellers, well as far as I know Benjamin franklin owned that printing company and sold it to them. Then I got a martha Washington $1 A lynn mechanics bank $1 serial #751 I'm bidding on more than I can remember and I've also won a few I am not remembering too. I will add pictures. Currently bidding on a really beat up 1869 rainbow $1 :) can someone please tell me what option would be best to send these notes in for grading. I realize I will be charged extra if I send large Bill's too. thanks! -Dan (edit: sorry everyone thsts the limit on photos. I'll see if I can add more as comments)