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  1. OK,You can scan the QRcode with Wechat, and then take pictures of your PMG notes, then the banknotes info and market prices will be there. and you can also trade your banknotes on it. just take pictures then the banknote is listed. manual introductions is unneeded.
  2. haha ,the app is already there, but i guess people in the EU/America or other places can't use it, as it's a miniApp based on Wechat platform, besides, it now only surport about 600 types of Chinese banknotes. you have to have a Wechat App before you can use this.
  3. now that you are interested, i want to share the situ here a lot more. in the west, coin collectors maybe far more than note collectors, but in China note collectors are contrarialy much popular, some of the reason maybe in the US or EU, the note design is just person on it for toooo long( one century? i am not much familar with West notes), the Chinese notes got so many elements and designs in different times and of course it got huge populations, people are attached to these colors or designs on old notes used in their daily past. PMG has until now graded 500M banknotes, about half or more are Chinese notes..... here people grades PMG banknotes not in pieces, but in stacks or in bundles.......... So about your question, people here mainly collect domestic notes, of which they are attched to. but little by little in big cities, US dollars with fancy numbers also got premium now. here we have birthday note/ marriage note/ leopard note(111/222/....)/ lion note(1111/2222/....) /tiger note(11111/22222....)/elephant note /dragon note/ Sky note..... and always bear in mind, numbers got 4(death) and 7(persetic) in it can discount 50%~70% from numbers without them.... people prefer numbers with 6(good luck) and 8(good fortune). hahahahahahahahahahahah
  4. generally this note with ordinary SN and 66E values at some 30 thousand US dollar in China . but here in China, SN Got so riduculus with valuation that people got special name for 666/888 or 6666/8888 that they are called LION NUMBER or LEOPARD NUMBER these numbers got prices exploding. So definitely my friend gonna regrade it, it's really rampant.
  5. got unsatisfied with 65E and then........ 10 thousand US dollars regraded off....
  6. Is there anyone here know this. I am from a China company developing a PMG banknotes Exchange APP, which can basically scan the PMG notes with mobilephone and harvest all the info (Genre/Score/SN/BLOCK ) digitally thus saving all the mannul input work. We have tested the APP with good results and in order to improve the accurancy, we want to add the Barcode Scaning as a cross confirmation. So is it possible I can get the API plugging to PMG's NETWORK to induce information of banknotes?