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  1. Raising funds for my winter travel expenses for the bi-annual volunteer work I do every year. Happy to make some INSANE deals! Take advantage... Mailing list is free of course. Just send your email to if you don't already receive my mailings, offerings and sale lists. Also feel free to let me know your collecting interests and niches. I specialize in low, high, fancy and matching serials, with a particularly strong cache of the fanciest serial BEP items, as well as modern coin rarities. I use Ebay mainly for advertising examples of what we have in our inventory. Look us up there under "Fancycashcom" Email me to get my current inventory lists. Also to be on my mailing list and send me your want lists. You can also call me at 760.889.1276 Thanks, Scott Wohl Fancycashcom
  2. For a client. Like 87655678, 67899876 and a few others. If you have any email me at or call/text to 760.889.1276 Thanks!