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  1. Have more pics, but wont allow me to post.
  2. Only two have the U.S. symbol on the outside. I have a total of 5. Notice how the Missouri stamp is over Washington D.C. or over serial number.
  3. I have acquired uncirculated $2 bills which may contain errors on the bills; or on the sleeves that contain them. I would love insight if they may need to be appraised or just stored away.
  4. $20 star note I got from atm today. Kinda shocked me. Not a rare one by any means by run numbers, but still I'm happy with getting it. First 20 star note I've ever seen.
  5. Cut way off center. Look at top and bottom margins. 1976 series.
  6. Would this be considered a 97 close AM?
  7. Do they hold any value? I've just recently heard about them, and was curious.