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  1. Thank you very much for the feedback and info.. Do you think it could bring more due to the two date scenario and relevance with the Boy Scouts? Also, I have another post about two $100 bills having "in Order" serial numbers.
  2. This $100 star note is not only a star not but the serial number is unique in multiple ways. Not only is serial number 19102661 unique in the way of 1910 (year) and 2/6/61 being two dates but this is a very unique relevance if you are a Boy Scout. Why? This note represent the first year of the Boy Scouts being 1910 and the date 2/6/61 is a year that President Kennedy was President, which he was the first Boy Scout to become President of the United States. Please provide any feedback and guidance on the value of this unique note.
  3. Hi, How rare is it to find 2 notes (barley circulated) with descending serial numbers? I'm thinking pretty rare especially when getting them in a normal transaction scenario. Also,what value does it bring to the notes when together?