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  1. hey friends, hope I can find some help in this forum. One of this day I found 34 dollars bill with a worth of $1 each one. Some of them have weird serial numbers and I want to know if you guys can help me to see if they have any value into the market, please let me know about it... I will be so thankful B93101032B B10513030Y F15175119N D24941992C D65521887A G43340337H H69923187D K06228664I K54521260C F33236415B F59621832L F56381896C F05593807N F67254918I F03126801I D45036453E H54977263B A60787351B B48317037H B20727514H B86432758B B72438413C B61129325I B22185209B B46730819B B38659836I B69805545K G11354042G L07582742M L50762374A E87194437F E71845174F E37574131B J37258602B Please let me know if you guys know something about serial numbers, I will be so thankful with you