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  1. RichardJames
    Never enough information...
    I have the Haxby series on Obsolete Bank notes and am looking for a good current source on conditions and prices. There are a number of books out there. Can anyone tell me which would be most relevent, please.
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  2. RichardJames
    My notes are getting more obsolete by the week.
    This is an update to my last post about my notes. In my previous post I said that PMG received my notes on 11/03. Each time I contacted them I got a new date that they would be shipped by. Last week I contacted them again and was told no one should have given me a date they would be sent out by. That person then went on to tell me that they should be done by 1/13. The usual excuses of weekends and holidays were invoked. It's amazing to me that my anticipated completion date by PMG has gone from 20 days to over 70 at this point. At no time was any type of apology offered. Me, I'm hoping I see my notes in time for my birthday in February
  3. RichardJames
    All I want for Christmas is my notes to come back.
    I just read "You think PMG is slow???" and have to say that I am experiencing the same frustrations with PMG. My most current submission at the Economy level is still in the "received" phase of review. It's been that way since November 3. What gets me is that before I sent out my 5 notes I was told the this level was actually turning around notes faster than expected. When I called last week I was told there was now a back log but that I should have mine on the 13th. Given that tonight is Friday the 9th and they still are not out of receiving, I don't see that happening unless staff is working through the night and on weekends to clear this supposed backlog.