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  1. Morgan, I believe I spoke to Allison Emery a couple of months ago and there is no update in the works at this time (or the near future)... My understanding is the platform that each online manager (PMG and NGC) sit on is completely different, despite the fact they look similar online to us... For this reason they are not able to add the features of NGC to PMG as we would all like... In addition PMG is not as popular as NGC so there is no rush to take the time and money it would require to make the platforms the same... I agree it would really be nice to have the same platform in all of their products available to keep track of our collectibles but for now we just have to accept what we do have... Maybe in a few years once collectible notes before more and more popular they may decide to revamp the collection manager... I just with they realized that offering the features of NGC to PMG would make PMG more and more popular which would in turn boost the use of PMG and make it wildey more popular...
  2. I would support this... It can't be that hard to upgrade it, especially when they already have the format in NGC... One of the big reasons I use NGC is because of the registry and the ability to track and log in my coins... Not because of their ugly holders... I personally like PCGS holders better... They in my opinion look cleaner and nicer... I see NGC slacking off and not keeping up with what they said they would do with PMG or in graded stamps... Just disappointing to me...
  3. I know this is like seven years later but... I still don't see the Collection Manager in PMG??? Am I missing something?