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  1. Thank you again. The number from the back of the label is 902UN06063681001G. Can you find the score of this money paper with the UNC grade?
  2. Thanks for your reply. I send one hundred same paper money to you. Some were score, and some were GEM and UNC. Why? The score was all 66E above (such as 66E, 67E, 68E). However, the GEM grade would be 66E, 67E or 68E, if I sent it to you for a regular number grade? Thank you!
  3. We recieved the result of paper money grading which was 'GEM' grade(only GEM, no score). I couldn't find the standard of GEM grade in your website. What did the GEM grade mean? Is this 'GEM' grade equivalent to 65E? 66E? or 67E? Or GEM grade was between the two score (such as between 66E and 67E)?