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  1. The Friedberg numbers are: 1801-2 and 1802-2.
  2. Thank you. As my previous comments state, the $10 & $20 notes, for united states national bank notes, Type 2 do not show on the pop report. The $5 denomination does appear.
  3. I should be more specific. For $10 and $20 notes....the $5 denomination of national bank notes does appear.
  4. I look at this population report area from time to time. Since last August the population report for type 2 U.S. notes does not show all the time. You acknowledged months ago that it hadn't worked. It was repaired. And now it is not working again. Will this be fixed?
  5. Thanks Jennifer! Info is there. I do appreciate it!
  6. Cannot find the population report under this category. Wondering if anyone has access to that report.