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  1. Hi Ali! No, I think my problem here is indeed the serial number, not Pick number. With other notes (same Pick number but non-specimen so different serial numbers) though I can only select one note to display in the competitive set, I can enter multiple notes of same Pick number into my collection/inventory. Not so with Specimen notes. System does not offer a drop-down selection list for which note I want to use as the competitive note, it instead just automatically deletes the original note entirely from my collection/inventory. I do think this is a bug in coding. Can you please forward my inquiry to someone in IT or whoever manages the programming of the PMG Registry? Thanks! Ralph
  2. Hello! I've been away from PMG (but not NGC) for a couple/few years and I've run into a problem when now adding new notes to my sets. It appears that the Registry does not allow multiple copies of the same P# Specimen note due to the fact that they have the same serial number (zeroes, as many Specimens do) but instead deletes the older version in the slot when a newer note is added with what the Registry thinks is the same 'reholdered' note.. Message is thus: PROCESSED NOTES These notes have been processed, and the results are explained on the right. Slot Cert # Registered Note in Slot Message 1/2 Libra 1914 Cheques Circulares Second Issue P25s 8038437-001 No No This Note was successfully removed from your set. 1/2 Libra 1914 Cheques Circulares Second Issue P25s 2002197-003 Yes Yes This Note was successfully added to your set. REHOLDERED NOTES THAT WERE REMOVED FROM YOUR COLLECTION We removed the following notes from your collection because they have the same serial number as notes that were just added to your collection. Please contact customer support with any questions. Cert Numbers 8038437-001 The notes above are obviously different, not 'reholdered'. This also happened with the pair 8052675-001/66 and 2085508-003/65. (In this latter case the two notes are actually quite different, one is the 1920 printing, other is 1918 printing, but because we are still using outdated Krause/Pick identifiers they have to share the same Registry slot, but that's another problem for a different discussion) Can anything be done to allow multiple copies of Specimen notes to occupy the same slot in inventory despite the sharing of the same serial number? Thanks for any help! Ralph