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Still waiting for my 20th Anniversary Gold and Silver Eagle sets + San Francisco golds and silvers



Be patient, grasshoppa.....be patient grasshoppa.....

I think U.S Mint took too many orders before they minted the coins. I have been ordering from U.S. Mint for over 6 years (probably lot longer for many of you) and never had problems with delayed shipments. I placed an order for one 20th Anniversary 3-piece gold set and three silver coin sets. I was informed that it may take many weeks for all of the ordered 20th Anniversary gold and silver coin sets to be shipped out. I was mostly "concerned" about the 3-coin gold set, for I did not want my order to get lost/dropped. The customer rep at the US mint told me that I will receive a set of the 3-piece gold but not till late November. Late November! I thoughts were that they are still minting the 20th Anniversary gold sets - upto 10,000 sets - that's 30,000 gold coins. Honestly, though, even if they lost/dropped my gold eagle set order, I would not be angry - just diappointed. I will have extra $2650 to spend on something else. Regarding the silver anniversary coins, I am just going to wait patiently till December (December is the target month which the customer rep told me that I would be getting my silver sets). Less than 2 months away. Heck, I've waited longer than that for my graded coins to come back from NGC. I reckon, the 3 silver sets will make a perfect presents to my children (even though they wanted the Lionel train sets). And if I like the silver sets, then I probably order some more for other family members. Regarding the San Fransico Commeratives, I've ordered both proof and uncirculated golds and silvers. So far, I have received the gold proof, but when I opened the box, the coin came out of the plastic capsule. The U.S Mint done a poor job in packaging in order to fill and ship the orders as quickly as possible. The customer rep told me that I will be receiving the uncirculated gold and both silver proof and uncirculated coins sometime in December. I guess I have no choice but to wait. I do envy those of you who already received the 20th Anniversary sets. And I am not going to trust their website when they said "free upgrade to expediateD shipping" for my gold proof came via regular mail. Then again, trying to fill hundreds of thousands of orders before X-mas, I say, "Good luck to you U.S. Mint - may the force be with you."



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