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A previous Journal Entry ‘A pile of tatty notes’ was on the control letters on the El Estado de Durango 5 pesos note however this issue wasn’t going to represent the State of Durango.


Durango, State No. 8, is one of the largest states in Mexico, and similar to many without a coastline, has an economy based on mining and the production of a range of agricultural products. Improved transport and communication links rapidly expanded the potential market for goods, increasing production, and to facilitate this new level of commercial activity state banks were established. The Banco de Durango was founded in 1890 and this association is reflected in the vignettes on most of the notes issued, akin to the currency issued by other State Bancos the notes also feature lots of trains.


However, the selected note for the State is a remainder example of the 1 peso issue (S272r, M331r) which has a shield bearing the State Coat of Arms flanked by Liberty and Concorda (harmony). One of my reasons for selecting this note is actually the design on the back of the note, which reminded me of the, much closer to home, Lady Lavery series issued by the Central Bank of Ireland. The river god (River Lee), on the Irish £1 note, being exchanged for an allegorical female figure representing the State of Durango.


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On 5/28/2023 at 3:12 PM, Fenntucky Mike said:

The Lady Lavery notes always seemed over priced and over hyped to me. An interesting story but not a design I would consider overly attractive as a whole. The Durango note blows it away actually. 

I agree, I much prefer the earlier ABNC notes as they couple more ornate designs with interesting vignettes. Plus they tend to be different for each denomination and am still amazed at the skills needed to produce them. For info - the farming scene on the 10 pesos note is not mechanised though, a bit like the Irish Ploughman notes (which command very high prices :whatthe: )

Having said that, I like concept of the River Gods and thought I would try and get the set at some point if I ever managed to fish all the rivers - would only be 2 at the moment so need to visit Ireland much more xD

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I can understand to an extent why this is not one of ABNC's finest. However, I really like the blue ink on the reverse, it seems to bring a subtle toning down of the whole note. I still like ABNC's work, and this note does show it off.

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On 6/15/2023 at 4:34 AM, Iowa Silver Baron Bammer said:

However, I really like the blue ink on the reverse, it seems to bring a subtle toning down of the whole note. I still like ABNC's work, and this note does show it off.

I agree, the blue back was one of the things that attracted me to this note as 'blue' notes do not seem to be very common at all with ABNC preferring yellow and green as the major colours. There are not many 'red' notes around either - now I have to see how many there actually are xD

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