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First note from Argentina

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Not only is this another country from Latin America to add to the collection but it attracted me for a couple of reasons. First the cancellation holes are square - I thought that was a bit different as most seem to be round.



In my collection I have a Guatemalan 1 peso with Cybele riding a chariot being pulled by two lions whereas this time she seems to have gained a passenger in Mercury, which is no doubt why it now takes four lions to do the hard work!

It is no surprise to see Mercury on a banknote as he is the god of commerce however it seems that his chariot is usually pulled by two roosters - I wonder if this is on a banknote anywhere? He has also regained the caduceus from the Mother Goddess.



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 First the cancellation holes are square - I thought that was a bit different as most seem to be round.

Anything other than a circle is a little unusual for a cancellation punch, also that they are not over a signature or date is a little unusual as well in my experience. They took a pretty good bit out of that lion's hiney, looks like it hurt. lol

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I have seen various size and numbers of circle punches, even star shaped punches in addition to cut sections/corners and needle punched words but the square punch seemed to be a bit unusual and it doesn't even leave a nice clean hole!

Compared to the others the nearest lion is certainly looking backwards, no doubt wondering what happened xD

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