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So, about that "Digital Bolivar" and those notes...



So August was a crazy month with the move and both kids starting new schools and Shandy starting a new job and the cruise. September hit with sickness, covid scares, dead car batteries...

So the news of the Digital Bolivar hitting around August 6th was pretty much perfect timed for me to completely miss it. What time I did devote to coin and currency collecting mostly went to obsessing over my Zcoin submission.

Yes! The BCV timed the release of this leak to thwart me! I do not overstate my own importance with this post at all in any way.

This announcement of a Digital Bolivar seems like a disappointment and a mess rolled into one... these 5 new notes all using the same portrait of Bolivar that they have used for the last 7 VES notes... Talk about phoning it in...


Also... A coin!!! I wants it! I'm gonna get it! :ph34r:

While they did essentially change the colors and reprint from the first to the 2nd series of the VEF, when they did the 2nd redenomination and rolled out the VES you got a new 8-note series with mostly new portraits (mostly) and new back designs. When they reused the portrait from P-108 for P-109 to P-114 we at least got a new back design.

I haven't seen the back of these yet but I'm REALLY hoping they at least changed the back to a new image / park/ landmark.

The articles I've seen suggest that there will indeed be new physical notes for the new "Digital Bolivar," which honestly makes almost no sense. I just read this and think, "Why?!?" How is it even a digital currency if you print notes? There's been some confusion from what I've seen on if the new Digital Bolivar will be blockchain based or not but I just can't imagine why they wouldn't make it block hair based - the petro was going to be, if it had ever really gotten off the ground. I guess we'll see if this one does better than the petro. I kinda doubt it. But if this tanks they'll have tainted the name "Digital Bolivar" forever.

About 3 or 4 months ago I'd rather foolishly drafted out comments / descriptions about some of this for P-112, P-113, and P-114 notes, wrongly thinking that there wouldn't be more major developments until 2022 and I'd get to buy those three notes and have those comments be reasonably current for a while.

Well, I now own 1 of those 3 notes, and those comments have been dated for almost 1.5 months. lol Back to the editing room...




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