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This is the best time to start a new Small Size Federal Reserve Note set type collectionBuilding a New Set Type Collections;This is the best time to add an start a new Set Type collection of Small Size Federal Reserve Notes, with BEP changing over from the thirty two subject sheet to new fifty subject sheet for the ones, twos, fives, tens and twenty dollars notes. The 2013 series of notes is the FIFTY ANNIVERSARY of the series of 1963 FRN notes to replace the 1957B Silver Certificate notes. Also if you want to spend a little more money try the Fifty and Hunderd dollars notes. You can pick them up from your local bank; always ask the teller if they have any new money or notes, also checks with your local currency dealer. I have picked up stars and other notes from the bank that have graded out as high as PMG-68 EPQ. This will also help you with your grading of the notes, as to condition, margins or registration centering and no significant handing. You can see all the BEP notes that were printed by month, by going to www.uspapermoney.info for 2013 series one thru one hundred dollars notes. This is way to start from the bottom up of a collection set, starting with 2009 FW/DC and the new 2013 FW/DC series notes. This will keep the cost of the collection low, with only the cost of the notes at face valve plus the cost of grading and shipping them in to PMG using the bulk submssion level.Also take a look at one dollar Federal Reserve Note - District Set with Stars and Variesties. There are thirty-eight slots description for the 2009 Fr #1934 FW, Fr #3000 DC and 2013 Fr #3001 FW, Fr #3002 DC. I will add the new New York B2 star notes, they are in PMG for grading.Updated on July 2, 2015 - BEP had just added the following notes to 2013 DC notes, they are the Fr #3002-B, B star, Fr #3002-F, F star and the 2013 Fr #3001-G star and Fr #3001-L and L star.Updated on July 13, 2015 - I just pick up twenty new 2013 Fr #3001-L from by local B of A today, the notes will grade out as good as PMG-66 EPQ or better.Updated on August 16, 2015 - The new 2013 New York Fr #3002-B star notes came back from PMG and grade out at PMG-66 E for all three. The next One Dollar Notes are the 2013 Fr #3001-L FW that I pick up at Bank of America and 2013 Fr #3002-B DC are set for grading. Both notes were added to all of the 2013 sets and the District Set with Stars and Varieties.16690.thumb.png.603980f79ac05d474cab177c3875782f.pngTo see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.



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