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  1. By accident, I've become of fan of these small towns along I-81!


    Just added an 1882 Value Back $20 from Mexico, NY. It joins my Albion, NY notes. Albion is England and Mexico is typically known for its beaches and sun, not so much for its lakes. Look for these town names when you are on I-81, but don't blink! Notes are in my Signature set of Nationals along with a few better PA notes. I'd love to add other Mexico NY (and other states) nationals to my collection. Happy Collecting!



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  2. The $5 Warren, PA 1902 Plain Back received a 35 EPQ from PMG! The census for Fr. 603 now shows 33 notes, 4 in 35EPQ, 1 in 40EPQ, 2 in 55 EPQ and 2 in 64 EPQ. Not sure if that 4 will become a 5 now.

    $10 Albion, NY 1929 Ty 1 was a VF 30

    $5 Newport, PA received a 40Net for stain. I didn't think the stains were noteworthy.

    $5 1929 Ty. 1 Merchantville NB & TC Merchantville, NJ 30 EPQ. woo hoo!

    $20 Chester, PA 1902 Date Back was a 25 Net foreign substance, tears. Yep. A survivor... barely.

    A very quick turn around by PMG on an economy submission! Can't wait to receive them in the mail.