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  1. Well, my friend, what you have is a Friedberg 37, United States Note (also known as Legal Tender Notes), in Good condition. As for value, I'd recommend browsing around some online dealers, auction houses, etc. and check out their asking prices for notes in similar condition. Of course, asking price doesn't mean a buying price should you decide to sell it.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Mystery solved! 'some' red ink visible on the right under high intensity light; on the left there is evidence of the red ink. Paper does not seem to have been chemically treated but didn't want to 'mess up' the note with chemical tests. Well, at least I now know there were numbers. Oh well. wink.gif

  3. Well, it seems to me that 'perhaps' the serial numbers have been "chemically" removed. I've a friend who's a guru in the field looking at the note to see what he might find. Seems there may be a 'wee bit' of red ink smudging on the right. Time will tell, but it's just one of those notes that one 'finds' somehwhere.

  4. Well, while no longer an 'infant', paper money grading is maturing. I would suggest you try to locate a dealer who is a member of the PCDA ( Professional Currency Dealers Association ); browse the Society of Paper Money Collectors website at

    ( ); and attend a few shows where paper money is displayed and/or offered for sale. Talk to a few dealers who have paper money, most are more than willing to discuss the subject. Attend the International Paper Money Show in Memphis, TN each June.

    Above all, try to determine a 'reasonable' value for your note(s); they may not be worth the extra cost of submitting for grading. just an opinion.

  5. The "Official Blackbook Price Guide to United States Paper Money" has a section on this for the 32 note layout. Basically it's like this:


    A1 E1 | A3 E3

    B1 F1 | B3 F3

    C1 G1 | C3 G3

    D1 H1 | D3 H3


    A2 E2 | A4 E4

    B2 F2 | B4 F4

    C2 G2 | C4 G4

    D2 H2 | D4 H4


    The x1 are in quadrant 1; x2 are in quadrant 2; x3 are quadrant 3;

    and x4 are in quadrant 4. Eight notes per quadrant times 4 = 32 notes.


    Hope this helps.