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  1. A seal color change would amount to issuance of something other than FRNs. IIRC, the gov't has destroyed all of the remaining stock red seals (US notes) within the past 10 years and agreed to not issue any more.


    A commem $2 would be kewl, tho.

  2. Is there a grading standard? It seems to be very subjective and I don't mean just subjective, I mean very subjective.



    Unlike coins, currency grading is very easy and virtually standardized throughout the professional end of the business. On page 2 of each Greesheet is a simple and accepted method of grading paper money.


    BTW, by your description alone, the note is a VF.

  3. If a pressed out note can be CU then there is something just wrong with the "new" grading standards, IMO.




    It's a shared opinion, Monty. It's downright scary.


    The greensheet has now equated CH CU with MS63 etc. so there doesn't appear to be a misunderstanding in the marketplace re the intent of the slabbers juxtaposed the conventional adjectival market.


    What they're doing just ain't right.


    Over the long hull, a lot of collectors are getting burnt.

  4. I am saddened by the grades being assigned.


    Notes with folds thru the design are not cu. Pressing can make it a cu note again?!?!?!?!?!?!


    Notes with pinholes are gems? Geez.


    Maybe there is some bizarre marketing plan behind this rationalization of grading.


    In the end, I'm only going to pay what I believe the note's true market value is. Unfortunately, the market, as it is, may pass me by for the time being.

  5. The Bible for obsoletes is Haxby - 4 volumes! For Confererate is Criswell. Both may be available at your large local library.


    For pricing, the best current resource is dealer Hugh Shull's inventory price list published twice yearly - April & October. Available free to recent purchasers or for $5 thru the mail.



    I hope you do a little research on your own as a couple of the notes, while not wildly valuable, are kinda neat.

  6. Buying TPG currency doesn't keep you from being ripped off!!! Not all currency TPG'ers are the same! Just like all the coin TPG'ers are not all the same!

    The best thing anyone can do is learn to grade for yourself before buying anything!!! Currency isn't as hard to grade as coins IMO.



    This needed repeating for anyone that just glossed over it when posted the 1st time.

  7. Attend shows and sit down with quality paper dealers and review their stock to get an overview of what quality notes should look and feel like.


    I suggest, just for self education, to start with relatively inexpensive small size notes and learn about proper grading and paper qualities. Also, dabble in obsoletes to learn about private issuers and those paper qualities. Today, with all the shananigans going on with 'improving' notes, paper qualities and what to expect from various issues is as important as any other aspect of collecting paper money.


    Get the books, too! wink.gif They'll give you guidance on relative scarcity.