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  1. Hi MrGrey,

    Thanks for your input! Some collectors are happy with lower grades because they are able to afford a variety of most unaffordable notes. I'm satisfied being a mid grade collector because I can still get quality for my collection. I want to be able to put together a decent collection and I'll pay up for the particular notes that deserve paying a little more for, it will just take a little more time for me.

    15 hours ago, MrGrey said:

    I have found 35 EPQ's that look as nice as 45 EPQ. And 45 EPQ's that look as nice as 58 EPQ. So these notes you pay up for the grade assigned, but they are quality!

    I find your statement to be very true. There's nothing wrong with EPQ Grades of 45, 40 or even 35 if there are no negative comments. And some that aren't even EPQ can be very nice. I picked up a Grade 40 1914 $50 FRN and it looks amazing. I almost think it was under graded. A very nice note and my most expensive so far. I'm starting to look in the territory of starting the 1862 and 1880 Legal Tender series. This will take some time to complete in decent grades but deserves to be a showcase in my collection. The 1882 Nationals are exquisite too! Ohhh...where to start!?

    I looked at your PMG Registry collection and I was blown away at the grades you've been able to collect. A little too sweet for my blood but I'm happy you've been able to get what you wanted!

    eBay just recently implemented an 8.25% Sales Tax on all purchases. This is a real killer as a new collector. I'm familiar with Heritage Auctions but could you recommend any other online sites?


  2. I currently have 9 PMG notes and looking to expand my collection. I like to keep consistent grades when collecting a series and most of my notes are Grade 40.

    The higher denominations in a series end up costing a small fortune when keeping with consistent grades. Is it a bad idea to have higher grade low denomination notes and having lower grade high denomination notes in the same series? Would it be a failed collection? Some of these notes I'm seeing are expensive and I'm wondering what the best solution should be to have a respectable collection.