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  1. 2 hours ago, 公众号:PMG收藏圈 said:

    haha ,the app is already there, but i guess people in the EU/America or other places can't use it, as it's a miniApp based on Wechat platform, besides, it now only surport about 600 types of Chinese banknotes.

    you have to have a Wechat App before you can use this.


    Got it. I'm based in Singapore and do have wechat. Would you mind directing me to the app to see it please ? 

  2. On 5/13/2020 at 5:30 PM, 公众号:PMG收藏圈 said:

    Is there anyone here know this.

    I am from a China company developing a PMG banknotes Exchange APP, which can basically scan the PMG notes with mobilephone and harvest all the info (Genre/Score/SN/BLOCK ) digitally thus saving all the mannul input work.

    We have tested the APP with good results and in order to improve the accurancy, we want to add the Barcode Scaning as a cross confirmation.

    So is it possible I can get the API plugging to PMG's NETWORK to induce information of banknotes?



    Were you able to do it and is your app available for use... I'd like to use it for my collection