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  1. I recently purchased 5 PMG certified notes from Ebay from a Chinese vendor. This was not my first purchase and so far they have been legit (or at least the numbers pass the PMG certification check)

    However the last 5 notes I received just a few days ago do not pass the verification tool as it shows "no match was found"

    These are the notes in questions:

    1. Bulgaria, National Bank Pick# 98a 1990 50 leva S/N AU1169969 graded 67EPQ

    certificate # is 7054345-028 and bar-code is 98a67E7054345028G


    2. Bulgaria, National Bank Pick# 101 1992 50 leva S/N AI4257991 graded 67EPQ

    certificate # is 1762261-021 and the bar-code is 10167E1762261021G


    3. Bulgaria, National Bank Pick# 104 1993 500 leva S/N AP9355266 graded 68EPQ

    certificate # is 1762262-034 and the bar-code is 10468E1762262034G


    4. Bulgaria, National Bank Pick# 115b 2005 2 leva S/N BCH3443843 graded 67EPQ

    certificate # is 1762201-022 and the bar-code is 115b67E1762201022G


    5. Bulgaria, National Bank Pick# 116b 2009 5 leva S/N BM6670959 graded 66EPQ

    certificate # is 1762201-029 and the bar-code is 116b66E1762201029G


    Please advise ASAP what to do.

    Best regards,