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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-Consecutive-FR-1620-1957A-1-Silver-Certificate-PMG-Gem-Unc-67-No-Reserve-/151043825613?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item232ae9dfcd


    saw this link. I think i have 10 that are similiar and was wondering if i should send them off to be graded to fetch a similiar price or if i should wing it with pics and let the buyer assume the grade.


    also lets say i am missing one bill from a consecutive set. am i better off selling them with 5 consecutive ones , and 4 consecutive ones . Or as a series of 9 with the one missing bill in the middle?


    link to bills in question below. (will removed if thats not allowed)



  2. These are all pretty common and for the most part not worth much more over face. Ebay would probably not be worthwhile.


    Why not bundle them ALL together and offer on the money marketplace on this board and others? Beats wasting time with individually selling them, packaging them, and going to the post office.


    You might also see what a dealer in such items may be willing to pay you. If you need a list of some dealers in these items, PM me. I do not endorse any of them, but can make you aware of the ones that have been around for awhile and seem to have a reasonably good reputation.


    Best of luck.


    hey thanks for the response.


    where is the link to the money marketplace? it takes me forever just to find this thread here.


    also are people cool with paying via paypal and using their fraud protection (i sell a ton on ebay) but some forums people expect users without a fair amount of transactions there to ship first which is insanely silly.


    and sure if you dont mind pming me that dealer list that would be great i figured out how to check my PMs here.



    also what about 50 uncirculated silver certs from the 1950s . forgot about those. they have that band around them.

  3. First and foremost thank you for your help in my previous thread.


    I inherited a fair amount of older notes from my grandfather and decided i want to part ways with some of them. These arnt as sentimental as the jewelery he left me or the lionel trains which i won't ever get rid of. So I am thinking about ebaying some of these.


    If you could help me answer these questions it would be apreciated.


    1. Is it worth it to bundle any of these notes (ie all the New york ones and the one boston one) or should i list them separately. either way i will pay 13% to ebay so i figure its better to spilt them up because why would someone want 5 new york notes? unless maybe i am wrong


    2. The oddest thing i found was mint 1996 20s and 100s. This was the first year of the big head money. I take it its not worth selling these as they are only worth face value? Ie the cash value is better invested in the russell 2000 or some index fund where i might average 3-12% a year.


    3. Is there a better place to sell these than ebay? I like ebays completed / sold listings so i can see past values of them. But is there like a forum or popular area to sell them where i might only have to pay the paypal 3% instead of the ebay 13%? Im in North NJ so i dont know about any local meetups.


    4. Any aproximation of value or historical significance on these notes would be apreciated. I am looking at ebay completed listings and google to try and figure out what certain bills are


    A - 1 boston 10$ and 5 NY ones



    B - 3 20s richmond NY and chicago of 1929, not sure if i should split them up or sell togetherDSC00546.jpg


    c - 1953 A 10$ silver cert (no clue here)




    D- 1934A 10$ silver certs (15ish?)DSC00545.jpg


    E- Red 2$ bill. (5 ish? ) not even sure if its worth selling





    F- 1$ 1935 and 1957 * silver certs (no clue i know the star is more rare but not sure what it means)




    G- 1$ hawaii emergency notes dont know much about these. DSC00539.jpg



    thanks any info is appreciated

  4. Thanks wheat what makes it lower or above average for a non graded 1934 . Like Is having 5 serial numbers better than 6? I'm guessing New York is less desirable than a mint where they made less ?



    Also for the 50$ when you say above face value are you talking like 70$ or above that. I'm only slightly familiar with certain coins so paper money collecting isn't my strong point



    Thanks or the help

  5. DSC00498.jpg










    i was having trouble finding this kind of misprint on ebay. any ideas on how to start to figure out its value? or if its even a missprint at all?


    found this in a safe my grandfather left to me. remember him showing it to me 15 years ago but had no idea what i was looking at in elementary school.




    also (not sure if i can have 2 questions in one thread). is there anything special about this 500$ bill. the condition isnt great but i was wondering about the fact that its New york and the serial number is lower than the other ones on ebay.