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  1. ICG did not use the same scale as US companies. It’s 60 was an AU-UNC grade, then they had 63, equivalent to anything between 58-62 by US companies, and 66 which ICG themselves labeled as choice unc, hence 63 . The next grade was 68 for near or true gems, equivalent to 64-66 and the «perfect unc» 70 that was supposed to be 67 and above. PMG crossgraded it at 66, too bad. Jaime did not use epq, PPQ etc designations either.

    The problems that Jaime faced started with his cooperation with PCGS Currency, who wanted a foothold in Europe to reduce PCGS gold Shield’s operations ,which worked for quite some time, until Bradford for no apparent reason broke his contract with CU ,in December 2018, even though he could renew for another decade, and decided to create Legacy, leaving Jaime in the red. Jaime is primarily a hobbyist, his profession is a radiologist if I am not mistaken and he was furious that his collaboration with Jason Bradford destroyed his company. 

    As a European customer of PCGS Currency, and buyer of ICG notes at times, I feel very bad about this situation.






  2. They have already stopped making them since last December. There is no new design made for €500. What counts most, is the issuing country, defined by the initial letter of the serial number. German and French €500s are still plentiful. Irish (T) or Greek (Y) though is another story. Greek 500s have already realized ~$2000 in PMG 66-67 holders because they’ve only been printed once, in 2002 and never again, but the mintages are unknown. Too early to tell.