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  1. Prob. not much over $20 - stains on the reverse along with a red ink stain in the bottom margin that shows up on both sides.



    Pretty much a lucky 1981A note that is still floating around. Funny no counterfeit pen ink marks, usually old notes like these are suspect at retail stores when the 16 year old behind the counter whips out the black pen to check the note.



    On the reverse, those are stains are just smudges on the plastic protector. The red ink stain I think is from a counterfeit test marker but I'm not sure.


    I showed it to a dealer/friend and he said he thinks that someone kept the bill from the 1980's and now they ended up having to spend it. He might be right. My grandfather has many crisp unc. $5, $10, $20, $50 dollar bills from the 1960's-1980's. He would put them in plastic rap then in a small cash box type safe.

    I just wish he took better care with the coins he had :) .


    I wonder what those bills are worth now and how many he has. hm