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  1. My best guess, and it is just a guess, is that it was just a note that some sailor had in his pocket that got it stamped in the naval post office. Just like the regular Sept 2nd Hawaii notes only a day earlier. I think the stamps that they used could just be rolled backward and forward a digit at a time so it could be set to any date of the year. It could possibly have been stamped at the same post office aboard the Missouri where the Hawaii notes all seemed to be stamped from but it would be impossible to determine. Without the stamps it is just another beat up $2 bill. But with the stamps it is at the least an interesting conversation piece. I have not seen another one like it, nor have I read on any of the message boards or elsewhere anything about a note like this. There could probably be more like it out there on any denomination with a naval cancellation stamp of any date. What makes ths one interesting is that its stamped the day before the Hawaii notes and that it isn't a Hawaii note. I would have to assume that the collector base out there for this particular note would most likely be pretty small as the collector base for the Hawaii VJ stamped notes is pretty small as well.

  2. All of the VJ stamped notes i've seen are all on $1 Hawaii bills. I have recoreded 10 of them in my own personal census. This is the first note i've seen with these stamps that are not on a Hawaii bill. Chances are that a sailor just had this note in his pocket and had it stamped at the same time the Hawaii notes were being stamped. It doesn't have the same type of historical value as the Hawaii notes would have but it has value due to the stamps being on something other than the Hawaii note. The condition is pretty bad but won't make a huge difference to the right person as this note is unique with the stamps. As far as value is concerned its very hard to put a value on this type of note. Without the stamps its worth very little over face value due to the condition of the note. With the stamps its worth more than that but i'm not sure how much. The price range on the Hawaii notes with these stamps have been from $8 up too $520.


    If your planning on selling it i'm interested at the right price. If so send me a private message and we'll see if we can work something out.


    If not and you have more questions that I might be able to help out with i'll try my best.

  3. ZES- the value doesn't really matter to me at all. What do you mean the condition isn't any good?? The red ink is the only issue with the bill, other than that its in great cond. I also wouldn't get it graded anyway nor would I spend it.




    The red ink is enough to mean the condition isn't any good. What is the point of keeping it? Keeping that note is the equivelant of reaching into your pocket and pulling out a shiny modern day penny that has no value other than a cent and keeping it. There isn't much point. Of course its your bill so you should do what you want with it obviously. Just keep in mind that you could use that $20 to buy something a little bit more interesting such as a $1 Hawaii emergency note or something of the sort. :)


  4. I'm sorry to be the one to say this but too put it bluntly its worth $20. There really isn't any collector value there, its not a star note, no special serial number, the condition isn't any good because of the ink mark and there are most likely packs upon packs stashed away of gem quality notes like this one floating around out there that people haven't had graded because it would have been a common note and not worth the grading fees. I'd spend it personally, but whatever floats your boat. :)

  5. I decided a long time ago that I wasn't going to do a registry set. I have notes from both PMG and PCGS and have no intentions of having any of them crossed over. There is too much risk of a grade lower and a huge loss of investment because of it unfortunatly. Most of my notes i've over paid for anyway so I don't want to make a potential loss even greater by reholdering a note. I think the best way to do a registry set is too only buy already graded notes from whichever TPG you would like to have a registry set.

  6. Not offended at all. I can see how people can think these are real if they don't know they aren't. I wouldn't have peeled the Santa off and spend it though. Maybe pass it on to some kid or something. Just because they don't have much value over face doesn't mean they aren't neat. Like I said before, they don't just do this with Santa, I have seen them with famous baseball players, Elvis, Tyson, ec......

  7. Thats exactly what i'm saying. There was never a BEP printed $1 bill with Santa on it. If it were then it would not be legal tender, the bank would not accept it. At first glance mine looks to be original, if you look close you can tell that the Santa portrait is a bit darker than the rest because they don't use the same ink for the "sticker" that the BEP used to print the note.

  8. scan000298.jpg


    There is a scan of mine.




    That is a scan of the envelope that it came in. Notice that it says that its legal tender. It is legal tender because it is a regular $1 bill with a sticker of santa covering Washington.



  9. Not a sticker. It's and offical legal tender.


    The one I have is just a sticker over Washingtons head. Have you run your finger over it too see if you can feel the sticker? They do this every Christmas in different places and sell them for like $2-$3 each. They also have different sports figures, Elvis, ect.....on a lot of them. There is NO such thing as a note such as this printed at the BEP therefore it can't be legal tender unless its just a sticker over Washingtons head. Can you post a scan?

  10. I thought I saw a thread awhile back (don't remember what forum it was) that had paper money art work. There were some really cool notes done up with pen, pencil, and marker. Maybe try currency artwork on google images or something to find some of the pics. Wish I remembered where that old thread was, it was worth another look.

  11. I'd love to see someone from PMG chime in here and tell us why they wouldn't/couldn't grade your example. I've got a few notes i'd like to send in and have graded, one of them being my new VJ note. This may be the determining factor in deciding which grading company I choose to get a membership through. I have never sent notes in to be graded but if PMG won't grade a VJ note then i'll probably end up giving by business to the company accross the street unfortunatly. I like the PMG slabs more but if they won't grade the notes I send them what other choice will I have.