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  1. Do you have any advice when buying and selling paper money? I don't mean this as an overly broad topic, but could someone comment on the current market? Do the major grading services engage in "market grading" as opposed to technical grading as is sometimes done with coins? What certification services are the most respected? Are there pricing disparities for the various services? Are there any price guides that correlate to the new 70 point system (borrowed from numismatics) so that one could precisely determine the value between a UNC 66 and 67?


    Could someone also explain the special significance for determining premiums for premium quality notes as well as for rarer serial numbers? Is there much of a market for radar notes, repeaters, etc., or are these ephemeral trends (much like, cf., the white vs. toned market alterations such as have existed with coins)?


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.