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Sticker Shock!



...or how can a piece of paper cost more than a new car?

It may be my newness to the hobby, but I'm finding that the prices of some notes are outrageous! I can see a rare note from the 19th or 20th century having a hefty price simply because of supply and demand, but a 1995 dollar note having a high price because it has a 'poker hand' in the serial number? That really isn't that rare, and really has no appeal to me. I don't go for gimmicks, especially weak ones like that. What makes the serial number so important in the pricing of a note? I can understand some key numbers, like 00000001 A, but is it so impressive that it commands a $135,000.00 price tag? Ladders, Radars and Poker Hands are mildly amusing, in my opinion, but will I pay a hefty premium to own one? Not on your nelly.

Beaw made a comment that I think really hits the nail on the head... it's the beauty of a note's art and design that, to me, makes it worthy of owning. The educational notes he pointed out are stunning. The designs make you want to stare at them for hours. Black Eagles, Woodchoppers, and Indian Chiefs; I can well understand the popularity of these notes. They are absolutely gorgeous! Who notices the serial number? Even today's notes are wonder to look at. It's staggering to think of all the research, design and technology that goes into today's notes. I wonder when the US will follow in the footsteps of Canada with polymer notes? I have yet to see one in hand, but they look interesting. What wonders await us in the future?

Another thing I've noticed is the small number of graded notes in general. I guess the cost of grading makes it cost prohibitve to do? I'm finding it tough to find notes I want, either because they aren't up for sale at the moment, or have a ridiculous price tag. I'll need to do more research, and look for some additional venues of purchase. The bargains are out there, I know it. Just picked up a $1 2003 FRN PMG 68EPQ for $7.99 on eBay. The listing didn't have an image, but I've gotten a note from this seller already, and spoke to him about the note beforehand. I was the only bidder.

This weekend I will be attending a small coin and currency show in Grapevine, Texas. I hope to find some deals and add to both my coin and currency collections.

Here's a bit a fun I've encountered... looking on eBay to find some more notes for my $10 FRN collection, and I discovered a PMG error. Seems that a bunch of $10 2004A series notes have been encapsulated with the wrong Friedberg number. The correct number for the 2004A series is 2039, 2040 for the 2006 series and 2041 for the 2009 series. I have found 2004A notes labelled as FR#2041 and FR#2042. These mislabelled notes (at least the one I have) cannot be added to any registry set. I have messaged PMG to see what can be done to correct this problem. I have yet to receive an answer to my queries.

I'll leave you this week with an image of the above mentioned note...

Happy Collecting!


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