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Going Global



I am getting tired of boring designs and high prices for U.S. currency!

Although I really like the designs of the large-size U.S. currency, the sky high prices limit my interest and collecting ability, especially in these difficult economic times. I just can?t justify paying that much for nice notes. As for the small-size and more modern U.S. currency, the designs and greenback color (or lack of color) of most notes really put me to sleep. What?s a currency collector to do?

Well, I have decided to take my currency collection in a different direction and expand into currency of foreign countries. I am going global. The vast population of foreign notes is almost limitless. New and interesting designs, bright and varied colors, and much lower prices await me. Although there are still expensive international notes (I will steer clear of those), some older international notes can be bought for less than the cost of grading them, and many can be purchased ungraded for less than $100.

It?s also a great way to brush up on world history. The designs I am attracted to reflect on historical events or people, scenic beauty or landmarks that distinguish the country, or ordinary people living their lives. Many foreign countries primarily show their leaders on their currency, similar to more modern U.S. currency. I had no idea how many countries around the world have pictures of Queen Elizabeth on their currency. But many countries put ordinary people doing ordinary things on their currency, and that is of more interest to me.

Where to start? For me, this journey will take two paths. First, I am going to start collecting a few notes from each of the foreign countries I have traveled to. I have not traveled much in connection with work, but have taken some interesting vacations over the years to foreign countries, and this will be a good way to remember my trips. Second, I will collect notes of foreign countries where I have not traveled, if they have a particularly attractive design.

There are no registry sets yet for foreign country currency, and I am not getting into foreign currency with the intent to build registry sets. However, as I start to acquire notes that I like, I may specialize in a few countries and try to acquire more notes from those countries.

So far, I am having a lot of fun collecting world currency. It?s more of a hobby now, and the competition is not so fierce. My wallet likes it too.

Here is one of the first foreign notes I purchased. It's a gorgeous 10 Yuan note from China, dated 1914, and printed in multi-colors by the American Bank Note Company. It was inexpensive and graded 66EPQ! Going Global!




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