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Tierney's Journal

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I think it's time to "Buy", but name your price using the "average" from several sources.



Yeah!!They only made a half a million of em!!Sure I'll pay you

book value,but which book?I've recently began to see prices slowing and even lowering a bit on US currency. I personally think that if one is in a position to buy, now is a good time. As many Americans,I don't have alot of money to spend,but when I do,I'm extremely careful about it..Here we go again..Research from every source I can find! I quite often watch the EBAY auctions and every so often I come across a bill,and a price that's difficult to pass up.Quite frankly, I've seen some very good deals on "certified" high denomination bills simply fail to sell for there asking price...good deal or not...we must still be careful of where we spend our money! Also,it is extremely important that you are very careful about which price guides you use. They vary significantly!! Yes, it's true--Currency is hot, but If you can hold out a bit, that will change this year. I can hear all you Naysayers out there now....NO WAY-Everything will increase,I'm going to make millions!!! Well,I wish you the best of luck, let's say in June 2010, in finding all those "got plenty of money" buyers.



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