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Building a $5 small sized FRN - the desire



A $5 dollar bill as a kid was like the holy grail...

Growing up in the late 70's and early 80's as a kid I would get mixed change and dollar bills for various things and on a rare occasion the elusive $5 dollar bill. You see a $5 dollar bill could buy you 19 packs of Garbage Pail Kids or Topps baseball - you could get a icee, candy and a beef stick w/ change to take home for the next run. To me the $5 dolar bill was like the holy grail. Yeah, I might get a $10 or a $20 at Christmas or my birthday - but usually for some strage reason my parnets said that money needs to go to the bank. It's a good as gone from my outlook as a kid, even if I'm spending it now. But, the $5 dollar bill seemed to be exempt along with the lesser $1 -so it beacame the big bill in my spending.

So here I am trying to build a set - by chance really initally buying variuous star notes through the BEP. Come to find out, they were wise purchases and a good start in the right direction of a collection.

I guess my collection is more of a reach out to my youth and the joy a $5 dollar bill would bring me as a kid. Too bad my kids will ask for a $20 in a few years due to inflation...

Please check out my notes - Lincoln's Legacy.



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