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Coin Collecting



At the age of 15 I started to collect....

At the age of 15 I started to collect and was pretty proud of my collection but after 4-5 years it got stolen and I lost my intrest:-(

Anyhow i?m now 52 years and regained my faith & intrest about 2 years ago.

Must say i?m adicted & use at least 4-5 houers daily looking for new coins & Coin lots to buy so my colection is definitly growing again.

I?w just joined here & am planing to start submitting coins for grading soon.

I?m curently most into Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Philippine coins.

1 coin I?m spessialy found of is a 1 Grano (Alof de Wignacourt 1601 to 1622)Malta.

I bought it for a few dollars only as the seller dident know the coin, it toulk me a few days to find out what it was by help from someone with better knowlege than me in a forum :-)

I?m also interested in Bank notes.

I?m happy I still have time to learn but sad I dident start up again at yanger age!



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