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Coin collecting; my jouney

Jack Tamulonis


Coin addiction.

I am 61 and it took 50 years to get started. I was widowed last year in July and I needed someting to do that could replace marrage and become a true companion. Since I was a little kid I was interested in coins; thier designs intrigued me and I could remember in 1959 when the new Lincoln penney came out and I was facinated at the statue of Lincoln depicted inside the memorial; I thought it amazing that such a tiny thing was "engraved" in such detail on that shiny brand new piece of copper. I tried collecting but spending was more fun at the time.

Years passed and it wasn't until the beginning of this year when I discovered ebay and some friends that were collecting. After some searching, studying, wasting some money and then introduced to coin certification that I decided that coin collecting was fun and I became engrossed and somewhat addicted to modern US Coins.

I got hooked and last month joined up. I am now a part of the Collectors Society and today I will enter the very serious beginnings of my Sacagewea dollar proofs and mint entries and watch them grow.

I have plans to build my display cases and the thought of filling the empty spaces with graded, encapsuled coins is exciting. Building the cases is a project that is exciting as well. To anyone who reads this I am FlakyJT. Have a good day.



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