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Small Size Federal Reserve One Dollar Notes Sets

PMG is reworking the District Set with Stars and Varieties. Over the last three months they have updated and made corrections to this set, but more work is needed. PMG have added the FR #1934-K star, removed the 2009 FR #3000-J and added FR #3000-I to the DC block. As of November, my set is at 90% complete with 565 notes, with a total note count of 624 within the set and the first 2013(FW)FR #3001-K star note. At this time 28 notes are schedule for grading.

PMG is working to correct all the one dollar and other sets by adding the missing series of 2009 FR #3000-E DC and 2009 FR #1934-K* star FW note, alone with the new series 2013 FR #3001 FW notes, at this time no DC notes have been printed. Updated on 9/13/14 the C3 and F6 2013 district were printed on Sep 14, 2014, the existing notes are A1, C3, D4, E5, F6, G7, J10, K11 and K11* star.

Take a look at the $1 Federal Reserve Note - District Set with Stars and Varieties; you will like the way they have corrected and cleanup this set. PMG also corected the 2013 FR number from 1997 to 3001 for the FW notes, and added FR #3001-D, E, K and K Star to the set. PMG added the 2013 FR#3001-J to all set.

Updated 3/2/17 to add the photo of Fr #3001-J in PMG-66EPQ


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