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Collector Society Scoring Correction

The Society just up dated all the Small Size FRN one dollar note sets. They lower the point count for all notes with in all sets, you will see a lost of 100 to 10,000 points within each of the sets, like the $1 FRN - District Set with Stars and Varieties. In my set on 2/14/14 the total was 48,355 points, on 2/17/14 it was 38,802 points. Also look at the the scoring for the note, for $1 dollar slot: 1981 FR #1911-K, the point is the same for a PrAg to 63 grade are all 37 points and 40EPQ to 63EPQ is only 45 points for all grade, the last seven grade they go from 54 point for a 64EPQ to 317 for a 70EPQ.

Added on 2/18/14. The Society is reworking the scoring at this time and correcting them for each FR number. You will see the scoring change over the next weeks. All of notes are score in the bottom 30% for it the 39 scoring slots.

Added on 3/14/14. The Society reworked the small size FRN two dollar notes sets the same way they reworked onr dollar set. You will see a net 200 to 1000 points lost in your sets.

You will see the changes by checking the HISTORY section, you will see what note slots have been reduced or increased.

Good Collecting, keep up the good work.


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