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I got a series 2003 $1 note earlier today with a 3rd printing offset. It is a small offset. 2mm up and 3mm over, so a 6mm^2 total move. Anybody have some insight on error notes? I don't have the ability to post the pics of it. I don't have a camera or scanner right now. It is in fine shape. No tears or anyhting but it is worn. I know it will be atleast worth $1, but if anyone thinks it could be worth more than that, could you give me a clue?

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It is not uncommon for the third print to be slightly off register. As long as it doesn't touch or overlap any of the second print, it is considered within the acceptable tolerances of the BEP.


To be considered an error note, some element of the third print (Treasury seal, serial numbers, FRB seal, and FRB District numbers) needs to be printed over part of the second print (face design and Treasury signatures.) The more dramatic the shift the better, especially if it overlaps the portrait.

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