Slabbing Paper - How safe?

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I would like to get some feedback about the slabbing of paper money. I am an amateur archivalist and have always learned that paper is highly acidic, and when left alone, without some additional non-acidic paper to buffer it, it will begin to eat itself.

At the Chicago show, PMG was explaining that they have determined that the perfect humidity for paper is around 50% and that they seal the paper in their holders in that environment, thereby maintiaining an artificial environment for that paper. After thinking about it, I doubted that that environment could be maintained indefinitely within the holder. Any comment? As the note is taken in and out of boxes, mailed, etc. it would become subject to hot and cold environments which has to affect the note.

Also, when PMG does on-site grading at shows, do they seal the paper in some special environment machine, or is this reserved for notes that are sealed at the home office?

Thank you.

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27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif I'd assume that it's pretty safe for the notes, because if it wasn't, that particular company would be out of business and many many customers would be out of a nice note and out of faith in the company. 893blahblah.gif
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