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Intellectual Property Solicitors in Ireland
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Intellectual property Dublin (IP) is the foundation of any business. It is, in essence, the building blocks of a company’s success. The right IP can help you to compete with competitors and increase your profits. However, if you do not protect your IP properly then it can be stolen or copied by other companies. This article will explain why it is important for businesses to protect their intellectual property through Irish solicitors and how you can choose the best law firm for your needs.

Defining Intellectual Property in Ireland

Intellectual property (IP) is a set of legally protected rights that give creators the exclusive right to their creations. In Ireland, IP law protects three main types of creations: patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Patents are granted for new inventions or processes that are not obvious to someone skilled in the field at the time they were invented. Patents can be granted for any number of things from industrial machinery to computer software programs or even food products such as chocolate bars! The key thing here is that patents protect inventions which may have been created by someone else but which have not yet been used commercially by anyone else before being patented by another individual or company who wishes to make use of them themselves without infringing upon any existing patents held by other parties regarding said invention(s).

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