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Haha 😆 thanks!

I have some good collecting friends that have sourced some special notes for me over the years!! 

here are a few more for you 😉 these are my low and high serial #s 

5 Cordobas serie C had a run of 17 million 

50 Cordobas serie D was a run of 3.5 million

50 Cordobas serie E was a run of 3 million 

and I have a few more examples like these ones! I did become a little obsessed with these serial #s for a while!







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8 hours ago, Fenntucky Mike said:

Very nice, hadn't seen a note yet with solid 0's that wasn't a specimen. Cool.

Thanks 😊🙏

They are rare but I have seen others!! 

I was outbid on this PCGS certified 100 Cordobas solid zero note going back a few years...


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