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Educational Thread: 1928 to 1934 $10 seal color breaks.

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The seal color changes from 1928 to 1934 have always been a source of consternation among collectors, here is a thread to clear some of that up.

Around mid August to very early September 1932, the transition from LGS to DGS was completed.

Initially, the first LGS were quite dark and didn't really lighten up until around the Spring of 1934 to the classic yellow green. Below is a list of the first LGS serial numbers for 1928B and 1928C $10's everything after that was LGS.


A36432001A to A43056000A and A00516001* to A00588000*

B59544001A to B73944000A and B00684001* to B00852000* (1928C mixed at B67476001A)

C23304001A to C32520000A and C00288001* to C00372000*

D27228001A to D32532000A and D00372001* to D00420000* (1928C mixed at D28668001A)

E14148001A to E17604000A and E00156001* to E00216000* (1928C mixed at E16368001A)

F13800001A to F15576000A and no LGS stars

G36060001A to G55104000A and G00552001* to G00672000* (1928C mixed around G43644000A)

H10680001Ato H15336000A and H00120001* to H00192000* (all 1928B H stars are LGS)

I05628001A to I09120000A and I00072001* to I00120000* (all 1928B I stars are LGS)

J086760001A to J11640000A and J00144001* to J00192000* (all 1928B J stars are LGS)

No Dallas LGS $10s because there was a pause in production ceased 5/24/1932 for this district.

L18144001A to L23448000A and L00240001* to L00312000*

Several L stars have been miscategorized as DGS, but this entire range is LGS, as all 1928B L star LGS range was printed 3/04/1933.


Now onto the 1934s in part two.







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Between October 1934 and September 1935, both 1928B and 1934 $10 LGS notes were in production.


All serial numbers for series 1934 restarted at either 00000001A or 00000001*

In 2009, a well respected and known small size collector located star note serial number ranges, but sadly to this day, only annual serial number data exists for 1934 non star notes.


Here is a list of approximate cutoffs from LGS to DGS for 1934 $10 FRN's. This is based on annual serial number data and observations.

A24500000A, B82250000A, C17000000A, D18750000A, E14500000A, F10000000A, G48000000A, H11000000A, I07500000A, J08250000A, K06000000A, L20125000A.

The break from LGS to DGS occurred on November 01, 1937, based on observed notes. These are the official high serial numbers for LGS $10 1934 FRN's. A00276000*, B00900000*, C00168000*, D00228000*, E00108000*, F00096000*, G00456000*, H00096000*, I00072000*, J00084000*, K00060000*, L00204000* .

All numbers in the ranges above can only be LGS, and notes above these ranges are DGS, though early examples are transitional.


Images of 1934 LGS $10's




From the first run of 1934 E stars on 1/21/1935: E00000001* to E00024000*




From the last batch of Atlanta LGS stars on 9/28/1937, containing serials F00084001* to F00096000*



Very first batch of 1934 A stars, and only the second batch of any 1934 $10 FRN stars. A00000001* to A00024000* were printed 11/07/1934. FYI, the first batch of 1934's is B00000001* to B00024000* on 10/15/1934.




Dallas wast last to the 1934 party. The first batch of K stars was not until 12/11/1935 (K00000001* to K00024000*) . My note above is from the third printing, which consisted of K00036001* to K00048000* on 4/22/1937. Only two K star LGS notes have been recorded through all combined sources.


For kicks, compare the note below to the F star above.



The first batch of I star mules, BP is 601. This note is from I00108001* to I00120000* on 5/27/1938. This batch had very few mules, as there were very few macro plates on the presses at that time.


I am willing to answer any questions or help in any way I can.

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