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So I've been trying to build a set of Zimbabwean notes and I've noticed a seller offering one of the new $2 Bond notes that debuted in late 2016. The price is good and they're the only ones I've seen offering the bond notes already graded by PMG.

Even though the note is graded by PMG, with all the fakes - including fake encapsulated coins - that have come out of China in recent years it makes me a bit suspicious. At the same time, part of me has a hard time believing someone would go through the effort to fake a $2 Zimbabwean bond note - which sells for about $2 raw - and fake a PMG holder just to sell the thing for $25 + free shipping. It seems like there would be better, lower-hanging fruit out there for people to fake. The seller has good feedback (score over 2000 with 100% positive).

It seems like it should be safe enough but part of me can't help but wonder if it is.

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